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Can I Clear A Warrant Without Being Arrested?

The short answer is “maybe.” It depends on the charge and it depends on the warrant that was issued. Some warrants are issued as “no bail” which means that bail cannot be posted. In this case, a person must go to court and having the judge lift the warrant. If the warrant has a set amount of bail, it is possible to post the bail with a bondsman without going to court first. If this happens, the warrant will be cleared and a future court date will be given.

If a court appearance is necessary to clear the warrant, the case must be put on calendar before going to court. Once in court, the judge will decide whether to clear the warrant and allow the person to remain out of custody, or to clear the warrant and impose bail. (To answer any questions concerning bail, please see the section entitled “Bail.”) Contact San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney today and schedule a free confidential consultation to discuss your situation.


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